The Blog:
This blog has been created to help men find a style median-strip between twat and dag.  At menwtw The Mistress cattle-prods the fashion wayward into the path of a menswear-state-of-enlightenment.  She will only be satisfied when all men are in a near-debilitating state of self-consciousness about the way they dress.

The Mistress:
She studied sculpture/conceptual art as part of a Visual Arts degree and I graduated after spending 3 years making conceptual/video art (ha!) to discover the average earning income of a professional artist was within the heady realms of about $5000 a year...So raced as fast as her 4-inch heels could take her to the Education Department and got a fucking Post-grad in Teaching.

The Mistress worked as a Head of Department of Film, Television and New Media for about 8 years before heading to London. After 4 years of travel; eating; drinking; shopping; drinking through-out Europe she returned to Australia (Melbourne) at the start of 2011 to (sober up…[a little] and) pursue more exclusively her creative interests: designing clothing, writing, styling….( and yes, more of) eating, drinking, shopping, drinking….and being generally fucking fabulous.

She lives with her Pugalier ‘Duck’ and Beagle 'Seb' in an ridiculously immaculate cottage in Brisbane…in a general state of bliss.