Monday, 30 May 2011

Play your card-igans right...

I know that I upset a few of you... 

I’m sorry. 

Its winter and you finally thought you had it right.  After 2 years of fighting with every ounce of testosterone in your body, the irrepressible will of your girlfriend, you gave in and now have a cardi in your wardrobe.  You’ve psyched yourself up; ready to don your ‘fashion’ item at that Saturday morning breakfast in the hipster café with vinyl mixed-matched chairs rescued from the dumpster next to a Salvos sorting-centre.  You had it all clearly pictured in your head; you sitting in your poly-wool, button-up loveliness, next to your deeply satisfied girlfriend (satisfied in a way only a cardigan-ed man could make her..), devouring your baked eggs with a side of goats cheese (praying to God, no mates see you; you big freakin’ twat). 

Well, again; I apologise for pissing all over your cardigan-inspired-dream, by making no validating mention of cardies in my first (of a few winter blogs).

I’m not going to beat around the preverbal ball of lint; I think cardigans are a little passé.  However, I wanted to post a few styles that will enable you to live out your cardigan moment that you have been brow-beaten into accepting as your own.  These ‘chunky-mutha’ versions of grandpa’s favourite cover-up won’t emasculate or dag-ify you like some of the thin insipid styles that have been around for a few seasons now. 

Look out for  thick-cable knits with toggle-buttons or bright coloured cardigans that button high to the neck.

Enjoy boys!

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Loves youse all!


  1. Hurrah!!! That is awesome! - Renata.

  2. The Renata pointed me to this blog, and I think I shall become an avid reader! Mostly just to see how much more fashionable I am than everyone else...

  3. Dean, I completely support unhealthy competition...bring it! Post a picture of your gorgeous, hip self on the 'Men: What to Wear' FaceBook page (search or join down the bottom of the blog). Tomorrow; I'm down at the TAB putting a tenner on you...